Mangatara Bulls Chosen for 2018-19 NZ Progeny Tests


Mangatara Bulls Chosen for 2018-19 NZ Progeny Tests

Erik and Lyn Van der Velden have had two bulls selected to take part in the NZ Progeny Tests.  Erik knows the potential of Limousin bulls being selected to be part of this trial. He sees his contribution as something which is strictly an investment in the future of the Limousin breed as the cost of gathering semen which is then provided for free has run into well over a $1000 per bull selected. One other Limousin bull, Piwakawaka Keagan, was accepted for the trial in the 2017-18 year. “It is a wonderful opportunity to have Limousin bulls used within the Dairy and Beef industries within NZ” Erik said.

Mangatara Jool  ( in the photo) and Mangatara 335L (Limflex) have both been accepted as Beef and Dairy Terminal Sires within the Progeny Tests.  Jool is a HC Final Time/Donna Valley Elsa -Rachel bull while 335L’s dam is Mangatara Herb who is a Snake Gully Belinda/Runl Stetson cow. Selected bulls needed to have good growth, good docility, low birthweights and good calving ease, along with short gestation length. Mangatara has supplied 120 straws from each bull available.



Erik and Lyn have semen for Mangatara Jool for sale (See Semen for sale on the LBBNZ Website) to interested parties.

Mangatara is one of the biggest Limousin studs in NZ.  Erik and Lyn have been in their large Dannevirke farm for coming up to five years.  In 2018 they calved down 190 Limousins and had 30 more embryos born to recipient cows.  They have the full range of Limousin: Apricot, Black, Red, Polled, Pure and Limflex ( Limousin/Angus). Mangatara does some Autumn calving.

There is a wide range of base cows including offspring from the three heifers which topped the Australian national sale price in 2012, Chateau Gin N Tonic, Mandayen Abigail (Black) and Mandayen Special Cookie. The extensive use of embryos has meant the Mangatara herd has expanded rapidly using overseas genetics. Many of his New Zealand base cows originate from the well known Snake Gully Stud.


Chateau Gin N Tonic heifer sold to Springfalls

 (Stephen Dance) at the 2017 Beef Expo


While a wide range of sires have been used over the years, Erik is particularly impressed with the black Master Brun Anapolis who is Heterozygous black and Heterozygous polled. Currently he is very impressed with the offspring of a new bull he is using, Mangatara 271. He is a Runl Stetson bull calf out of and Auto Dollar General cow.  Mangatara are always on the lookout for outcross Limousins with good growth, calving ease, good EMAs and the ever important marbling.



Mangatara Limousin at 2017 Beef Expo.