Bull Sales

LBBNZ has not tested nor endorses any animals its members may have for sale. LBBNZ accepts no responsibility for the quality of the animal or any sale process.  The vendor and the purchaser have sole responsiblity for any sale.

Mangatara Herd Sire for Sale

Mangatara 223K

Mangatara 223K is  a 4YO bull by Mandayen Vision out of Gin N Tonic.

We have used him for 2 years in our herd and he has given us some good calves.


Contact Erik and Lyn Van der Velden : Either agfarming@yahoo.com.au or ph 06 3741575

Mangatara 2 YO Bulls for Sale

2YO Limousin Bulls –  Apricot or Black  – All Polled

Mangatara is NZ’s largest Limousin registered herd. We calf over 250 cows under commercial conditions and pick the best bulls form over 100 born each year.

Over 20 2YO bulls to choose from with EBVs showing good docility, low birth weights and good growth.There is a range of commercial through to good stud bulls from a registered stud.
Sires used include Mangatara Jool, Mangatara 271K, Wulfs Amazing Bull, Gats Aztec, Meriden Polled Heavyduty, WZRK Primecut, Master Brun Anapolis, Wulfs Warrior.

TB C10, BVD tested clear and vaccinated

Bulls are offered from $3500 – $6000.

Contact: Erik and Lyn Van der Velden on either agfarming@yahoo.com.au or 06 3741575