Canterbury A&P Show 2017

Canterbury A&P Show

The Canterbury A&P Show is the largest of its type in New Zealand and attracts over 100,000 visitors to this Christchurch-based event. It receives over 7,000 livestock and feature competition entries across 20 sections. A number of international judges are invited to participate.

Few NZ Limousin breeders are involved with showing nowadays but the Canterbury Show is one of the few in NZ that still attracts a range of Limousin entries across all age groups.

The James Family (Ben More) are stalwarts of the show and exhibited 11 animals this year. In their 9th year showing, Gary Kennett and Marilyn Montgomery (Piwakawaka) exhibited 9 animals.

ALBS President Mick O’Sullivan was invited to judge the Limousin section and Interbreed classes. He received the usual ribbing being an Aussie cousin but his comments were well received all the same. Sandy also enjoyed her time there and even managed to get sunburnt!

Supreme Champion Limousin went to an eight year old cow, Piwakawaka Erin (s: ROMN Justice), with a striking heifer calf-at-foot (s: Wulfs Amazing Bull). Erin went on to win the All Breeds Cow & Calf class against some stiff competition from a number of other breeds.

Piwakawaka Erin with calf-at-foot and three-year-old bull Piwakawaka Kagan (s: Mandayen Vision Y329) also took out the Interbreed Pairs Competition.

It was wonderful to have Limousin cattle doing so well against the other breeds.

Limousin Section results:

Supreme Champion Limousin    Piwakawaka Erin with calf-at-foot

Senior Champion                          Piwakawaka Erin with calf-at-foot

Senior Champion Bull                  Piwakawaka Kagan

Senior Champion Cow                 Piwakawaka Erin with calf-at-foot

Junior Champion                         Ben More Max (s: Meriden Poll Heavyduty)

Junior Champion Bull                  Ben More Max (s: Meriden Poll Heavyduty)

Junior Champion Heifer                               Piwakawaka Moneybags

Students from several high schools also helped out with preparing and leading the animals for both teams. Several participated in the handlers, judging and interschool competition.

A multi-breed led-steer competition was introduced three years ago to the programme and has proved to be very popular. The yearling steers are used in the Young Auctioneers’ Competition where they were ‘dummy’ auctioned and sold. The two-year-old steers were put up for sale.

This year a Ben More steer made top money at $2610 ($3.58/kg/LWT). A close second was a Piwakawaka steer which made $2600 ($3.68/kg/LWT). This represents a strong premium over the current schedule and were significantly ahead of the other steers (all Angus base) which sold to $2100. It was a wonderful example of how Limousin could increase revenue and generated a lot of discussion.

Overall, Limousin competed very strongly against the other breeds at the Show which helped raise the profile of the breed. Showing cattle is a huge commitment in terms of time and expense but it does maintain the breed’s visibility out there in the real world.

Gary Kennett

Piwakawaka Limousin

For full show results click the link below:

Canterbury A&P Show Results


Supreme Champion Limousin – Piwakawaka Erin with calf sashed by Judge Mick O’Sullivan

Interbreed Pairs Champion – Piwakawaka Erin with Calf and Piwakawaka Kagan

Champion Limousin Bull – Piwakawaka Kagan

Lincoln High School placed 3rd in interschool Team Competition

Top priced steer – Ben More Limousin


Ellesmere Limousin

New Zealand Limousin member, Jonathan Carden-Holdstock was interviewed by Proud to be a farmer New Zealand recently.

The Farmers Fast Five: Where we ask a Farmer five quick questions about Farming, and what Agriculture means to them. Today we talk to Vice President of The Canterbury Dairy Goat Breeders Association and Proud Farmer Jonathan Carden-Holdstock.

1. How long have you been farming? I grew up on and around small traditional family run dairy farms near the Devon and Cornwall border in England. I went to Agricultural College in this area as well

2. What sort of farming were you involved in? Mostly Dairy farming with the Holstein Friesian breed. We no longer supply Fonterra but still milk a small herd of Holsteins for calf rearing along with my wife’s Pedigree Saanen and Toggenburg Dairy Goats. The milk from this goes into calf rearing and soap. We have always had some beef cattle, I love the Red Devon breed as this was so common in the area I grew up in. However from a commercial point of view Limousin is an outstanding breed for both crossing over the Holsteins and as a pure beef animal. We have the Ellesmere Limousin herd. Long term I will increase the Limousin as I reduce the Holsteins.

3. What makes you proud to be a farmer? We all need to eat, so therefore Farming is a hugely important and highly skilled job.

4. What do you love about your job as a farmer? Most important, producing great products. But also for us as a family (my Wife, 4 Daughters, Father and Mother in-law) we very much enjoy the breeding and Showing and are very involved with many of the Canterbury A&P shows. I am very keen to see the Limousin breed grow in New Zealand like it already is in Australia and many other European Countries. My wife has had great success with her TamarVale Dairy Goat herd and this has lead to myself being more involved with the Dairy Goats as well. I am a RAS recognised Dairy Goat judge and this I really enjoy. It enables me to travel and see some fantastic stock and very passionate Breeders. Being part of Breeders groups like Limousin NZ and the Canterbury Dairy Goat Breeders Association is also great for growing knowledge and skills.

5. What advice would you give the next generation of farmers? Agricultural is great industry, hard work but mostly rewarding. One thing we all need to do is be more proactive at educating the general public about food production. Also support your local A&P shows and breed groups, they are still relevant and important for a diverse agricultural industry.