NZ DNA Submission Instructions

Most NZ members would collect hair samples from the base of the animal to be tested.

TSUs are tissue collected from a clip of tissue from the ear. Please contact ALBS if you intend to collect tissue and check the requirements for this method of DNA testing.

NZ DNA Testing has the same requirements for collection and recording for Genetic Hub and Neogen as for Australian members BUT NZ must in addition complete a currently valid Import Permit and Manufacturer’s Declaration

The Import Permit and Manufacturer’s Declaration need to be attached to the outside of the parcel/envelope holding the hair samples. ( I usually put them in their own separate envelope, separately addressed with Attention: ATTENTION DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE AND WATER RESOURCES and firmly attached to the Sample Parcel/Envelope.)

It is important to recognise that the Samples go to:
NEOGEN AUSTRALASIA, 14 Hume Drive, Bundamba, QLD  4304.

The Manufacturer’s Declaration and Import Permit are for Department of Agriculture and Water Resources in Australia.

Both NZ and Australian members follow the same instructions (set out below) from the Australian Limousin Breeders Society’s website.

  • Order hair collection kits or TSU units from the ALBS office by emailing the number of kits/units needed and your Member ID to . Hair collection kits are free, so we recommend ordering extra for spares. For TSU pricing, see current fee schedule.
  • Collect your hair/tissue samples. Ensure you clearly and accurate label the hair sample card with the full registered ident of the animal. For TSU units, please note which unit samples belong to which animal by writing on the box next to the sample slot. Detailed instructions on how to collect hair and TSU samples will be supplied with each order of cards/units sent to members. For hair cards, instruction can be found by clicking here
  • Download a copy of the DNA Test Request form by clicking here.
  • Open the DNA Test Request Form and complete the Member Details.
  • Using the Test 1, Test 2 and Test 3 fields, use the dropdown arrow to select the tests you require. An explanation of the test codes can be found on the right-hand side of the form.
  • When you finish entering your animals, save a copy of the form to your computer.
  • Once saved, attach the DNA test request to an email and send to . Please note: an electronic version of your test request must be forwarded to the office for your samples to be sent to the lab. Paper versions will no longer be accepted.
  • Print a copy of your test request to accompany your samples in the post. Bundle your request and samples together and post to NEOGEN AUSTRALASIA, PO BOX 1388, UQ GATTON CAMPUS, GATTON, QLD 4343 . We recommend using registered post, so your samples can be tracked.
  • NZ Members need to attach the Manufacturer’s Declaration and the Import Permit as outlined above.

The standard turnaround time is between four to six weeks. When your results are available, they will be provided by email to you from the ALBS Office. Office staff will load your results within three business days of receipt.

Please note: all samples must be submitted using this protocol. Any deviations, including old paper forms or hair samples not submitted in correct collection kits will be returned to the breeder.