A Tribute to Kevin Wickens

(22 April 1941 to 23 February 2022)

Sentosa Stud

Kevin and Marion Wickens set up Sentosa in 1997.  After leaving their work and raising their family on the North Shore, in 1999, they purchased 100 acres at Maungaturoto in Northland to farm Limousin.  They bought their base cattle from Framoire in Northland along with many other well-known NZ Studs (See Newsletter below)  Marion and Kevin were very proud of the cows purchased from Murray and the late Pixie Rintoul’s Rototira Stud, with Leudal Nana being one they particularly loved. 

Kevin and Marion prided themselves on the docility of their cattle. Both Kevin and Marion have a good eye for natural docility to support excellent conformation.  Sentosa was known for how quiet their Limousin were and consequently their bulls were keenly sought after within the NZ market. The other trait for which Sentosa was famous was the soft fleshiness of the cattle. 

Kevin was known to choose quiet and often smaller in frame Limousin bulls. They were characteristically well rounded and well covered. This type lead the change to what now dominates the breed. A number of Limousin purchasers over the years have trusted Kevin to choose the best bull from bull sales and he would purchase them unsight unseen by the new owner.  Often they were not the biggest bull in the sale but usually had the most meat.

Kevin was a keen member of NILB and LBBNZ for many years.  Both he and Marion were very well respected in both groups, taking active leadership roles. Kevin supported Marion to be Treasurer of NILB for many years as well as her role in the running of the NILB Bull Trial at Cambridge.   Sentosa supported the North Island Limousin Breeders Inc bull trials and sales. Many of the Sentosa bulls took out the full range of awards over t he years.

Sentosa’s first NILB Bull Trial winner was in the 2003 NILB Bull Trial with Sentosa Westminster. 

Westminster was sold to Glencairn, Rob and Jean Johnstone for $6,500, after being judged First in Confirmation and 3rd in Weight Gain.

Once in the 2004/5 Trial, Sentosa Yorkshire (above) was First in Weight gain, 5th in Conformation with Docility being AAA+.  He was sold to Kevin and Beth Walker (Taumaruiti) for $8,200During the same trial, Sentosa Yarrow (Right) was judged first in conformation, 2nd in Weight Gain.  He was sold to Colin Phillips for $5,500.

At the 2012 Bull Trial, Sentosa Fabian was judged First in Conformation and sold to the Crombies for $7,100.

 Kevin suffered his early heart issue, leading to the Maungaturoto farm being sold and Alan Pascoe bought the cows and the Sentosa name.  Still close to family in Auckland, Marion and Kevin moved into Whangarei and they maintained an interest in all things Limousin. They loved to attend the Limousin sales and ran a keen eye over the cattle on offer.

Kevin was a very good man and a very good friend to all Limousin Breeders.  He was respected by everyone with whom he came in contact. No one ever said a bad word about Kevin Wickens and he always kept good relations with everyone.

He moved the breed on in temperament and type, leaving an enduring legacy within the Limousin Breed within NZ.

Below, is a 2012 LBBNZ Newsletter which details the history and breeding goals of the Sentosa Limousin Stud. Kevin and Marion wrote their own story, in more ways than one. Kevin will be sorely missed.

Peta Lean
April 2022