New Genetics add to the North Island Limousin Breeders’ 2018/9 Bull Trial

Plenty of new genetics have joined the tried and true of past trials to strengthen the 2018/9 North Island Limousin Breeders’ Bull Trial.  There are new AI sires and proven AI sires like Mandayen Vision, and the trusted Harris.  We see a black Limousin bull for the first time in three years.  As well, there are proven local sires; Mangatawhiri Henri, Snake Gully Jackson as well as two exTrial bulls; Kivlean Kamahi and Mangatawhiri Joseph

It is great to see the return of loyal North Island breeders; Huntlands, Grayleen, Mangatawhiri, Kivlean and Springfall as well as the introduction of new breeders, Bruce and Michelle Polley (Secret Falls).  Bruce and Michelle have entered Ngarimu bred bulls.

We welcome Mangatara back to the trial with a black Amazing Bull entry and a LTLC Zest 51Z bull to provide different genetics from past trials.  As well, Mangatara Jool sires one of the Springfall entries, noting that Jool has been chosen for the Dairy and Terminal Beef Sire Progeny Testing programme.

The trial has a new home for 2018/9 at Mangatawhiri.  Everyone is excited that Dorothy Kroef ( Mangatawhiri) has been prepared to take on the stewardship of hosting the NILB trial for this year. The weight gains after the first month, suggest she and Hein are doing a very good job.